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What We Do

If you are a small business owner, we can help you with pretty much everything you need to help you get you noticed online, run things smoother, and make your business more profitable.

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Business Development

  • Nurturing and researching a business idea
  • Brand Strategy & Graphic Design
  • Coaching & Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Techniques


  • B2B & B2C
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Direct Targeted Mail Campaigns+
  • Content Creation
  • Ads & Promotion
  • PR & Media

Web Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation 

Other Services

  • Project management
  • Copywriting
  • Business Accounting
  • So much more...

How we can help

Figure out where your marketing is and is not working

Help you discover the best marketing methods & strategies for your unique business

Explore your customers and their needs so that your ads get better conversion rates 

Make your website more desirable to drive traffic

Increasing the traffic to your website

Increasing sales to your website

Help you figure out how to increase the spend per sale

Automating your customer journey to increase sale

Create Google ads that work

Create social media ads that result in sales

Building new websites

Make your current website more user friendly

Ready to launch?

If you’re new in business or ready to launch your big idea, we can help you (research if there is an active market for your business idea) with market validation, lead generation, and with a whole range of other affordable and effective solutions that will get you in front of your potential customers.

We can help you with tailor-made solutions, as the sky is the limit!

Take a look at our  brand partners  and see what we can offer you collectively!
We’re also resellers for global B2B Online Directory - Kompass NZ and Data Insights Provider - Action HQ.

1. Market Validation

The 369° Market Validation Programme
Ensure your business/business idea isn’t in an already saturated market.

Market Validation uses the full spectrum of data science to help you drive your business decisions.

It’s an objective and comprehensive process that will help eliminate assumptions and clarifies your growth opportunities.

It seeks to prove that a market opportunity exists, and provides detailed information about your customers’ needs, your competition, and the requirements for your products or services which will allow you to assess the viability of your endeavour - is there a market for my business idea?

The 369° Market Validation Programme helps you reduce the risks associated with new opportunities, eliminate potential pitfalls, and debunk myths and misinformation, and there is a lot of that out there trying really hard to tempt you to part with your hard earned money?. It will help you prioritise, qualify, and validate new opportunities and enable you to allocate the right resources effectively, without wasting time or money.

Market Validation will significantly increase your speed to market, as it empowers you with knowledge and clear direction. The 369° Market Validation Programme helps you develop your idea, vision and passion, and it fills your funnel of potential customers using data collection and analysis.

This enables data driven decision-making, which reduces uncertainty, assumptions, and costs.

The 369° Market Validation Programme has three stages:

369° Discovery

A deep dive to better understand the business, opportunity and scope of work required with a full spectrum view.
This comes at a one-off investment of NZ$495 (which includes pre-research & interviews of your target audience.

369° Getting Ready

Research and evaluation of laser focus target market information to develop a comprehensive market understanding, validate the market and understand any potential competitors and how to differentiate from them if they exist.

369° Getting Ready to Go

Structured target market interviews and review of data to develop your business vision and understanding of the opportunity including the market gap and target audience, what value your business can offer and the key product/service features sought after by your identified target market. A comprehensive, structured short-term and long-term action plan will be provided with an option to review every quarter.

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2. Go Digital

Digital Development Strategy & Execution

Name a business that does not have a website, a blog, or at least a presence on Facebook or Instagram. From a simple, brochure-style website to an extensive e-commerce platform, going digital is the most effective marketing strategy to get your business in front of your audience. It’s low relatively costs, has an extensive reach, and is fully measurable. Tthe wrong website platform is a very common mistake and this can often make or break your business if your website doesn’t tick all Google’s algorithm and standards boxes. Google will either reward your website in Google search rankings or ‘punish’ your website in a Google search so that you never come up the 1st page of search results for not following their widely published ‘rules’.

Test your website speed score Test your website speed score

For a small or new business, there’s no better way to get more reach than going online with a high-performing and responsive website. But there’s a lot to think about, and it’s important to get it right. So, where do you start?

Your 369° Collective professionals have been active in the digital space since the early days. We know all about the importance of hosting, SEO, branding and graphic design, content creation, and so much more. Thanks to our awesome brand partners [link to brand partners], we can find you affordable and effective solutions that will generate visible results for your business.

We can help you with digital services such as:

  • Custom Website Development  
  • Tailormade Website Audits
  • User Experience Discovery  
  • Google AdsSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Google & Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Software & Mobile App Development  

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3. Empowering Women in Business Aotearoa

Support system/structure for small women-owned businesses in Aoteaora

What is WBA?

It’s a support system/structure for small women-owned businesses in Aoteaora; to debunk myths, misinformation and to make all aspects of business approachable and less intimidating. It provides mentorship towards realizing wahine’ dreams in business by connecting them to a pool of trusted service providers who understand the needs of women in business. This pool of service providers collaborate to support each client.


Research has showed that there is very little support for small wāhine-owned businesses, specifically startups. Women need more support because they are not just running businesses but households too, many of them have full-time or part-time jobs as well. Research conducted by NZ based organization, www.globalwomen.org.nz  stated that, on average, becoming a mother decreases the hours a woman works, and her monthly income. This is a problem because ‘Women are more likely to take parental leave or work part-time which results in a smaller retirement fund. Given that women tend to live longer this is a significant concern.’ It also (download factsheet) that the gender pay gap in New Zealand is currently 9.2% (August 2018).

The WBA aims to empower women to pursue their life-work balance and to enable financial freedom thereby providing another option to the 9-5 corporate grind, which for many is fundamentally oppressive.

Women in Business Aotearoa, or WBA for short, is a special division of 369°. It’s a platform aimed at supporting all those who identify as women in their entrepreneurial pursuits. If you are a woman in business and could do with some help and support, take advantage of our professional service at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey. It’s an excellent way to discover your business’ true potential.  

Whether you’re offering services or products, we are here to guide you through everything from developing your business and marketing strategy, to delivering a beautifully designed website that’s /that are built to convert, and every step in between. More than that, we will coach you through the many ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey.


Women in Aoteorea who dream of having their own businesses but who have little means or support to realize it fully. This is a community for all women in New Zealand that is inclusive of age, gender, ethnicity, religion and race. With this in mind however we have recognized that Maori and Pacifica wahine in business do struggle more because of the socio-economic legacy and so we are developing a scholarship aimed at Maori and Pacifica women to kickstart their business goals and provide on-going support.

On the WBA, you will find advice, tips, and loads of inspiration to keep you focused and motivated. Think of us as your BBF, your Business Best Friend. 

How WBA was born.

To figure out this strategy, we had to consolidate the essence of what the WBA is all about. This also included coming up with a new name that captured Venessa’s goals in being a business mentor to women in Aotearoa.

Along with my own personal development, Women in Business Aotearoa has long been a huge passion of mine being a Woman in Business myself and a Single Mum since 2006, I understand the challenges and emotional attachments all too well. I have launched my own business from the ground up; I’m currently preparing to launch my new brand; I’ve grown businesses; I’ve scaled businesses; I’ve designed and run $100,000+ successful marketing and advertising campaigns and have done every kind of marketing and advertising that exists; so, when I say I can help grow your business through WBA, a 369 initiative, I MEAN IT!

Through discussion with 100’s of Women in Business over the last year, I decided that this initiative needs to be inclusive of all wahine in New Zealand, no matter their ethnicity, race, nationality, but also to all who identify as womxn.

Having said this though, there is a very real need for the empowerment and upliftment of Indigenous Women of Colour (IWOC), specifically Maori and Pacifica wahine in New Zealand when it comes to business support and mentorship. For this reason, one of the first projects of WBA is to launch the Wāhine Maori Scholarship (WMS).

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