The 369° collective.

369° Collective is the go to trusted service provider for small New Zealand owned businesses.

Our goal is to empower small businesses owners, startups and solo-entrepreneurs and give them all the DIGITAL MARKETING tools, support, direction, and connections they need. 

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Solution focussed

From our first interaction with you, we  focus all our efforts on helping you find the solution that’s right for you.  We believe in partnerships and collaboration.

Helping you grow

It's about getting you results, and finding out what adds value for you and your business.
Our clients rely on us to help them with an important part of their business – their growth.

The whole package

Within our Collective of like-minded entrepreneurs, we have the expertise to help you manage all your small business growth, marketing and web development needs.

Your Business Best Friend.

Within our Business Collective we believe in the power of numbers. The way you launch, grow, and scale your business defines your success. Our goal is to empower small businesses owners, startups and solo-entrepreneurs and give them all the tools, support, direction, and connections they need. 

If you want 10 out of 10 in business - you need expertise in all areas. That’s why at 369° Collective, we believe in collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs. Our network consists of New Zealand based professionals who are all experts in their field.

We can connect you with a trusted specialist in all areas of business – from high performing web design and development,  business development to digital marketing and PR,  plus all the digital and content tools like SEO, copywriting, branding, graphic design and much more.  These are the people that can help you drive your business forward, but before we make an introduction, we’ll get to know you first. Finding the right fit for you is essential!

Your focus should be where your heart is, so you can do what you love. Don’t waste your hard earned time and money on services you don’t need. 

How it works.

Through consultation, evaluation and research we get to the root of your challenge .
Once this has been established and agreed you are referred to the most appropriate service provider (brand partner) that is a part of the 369˚ Collective.
The brand partner is briefed on our discussion and discovery and will offer solutions based on their expertise and the challenge you are facing.


We ensure the agreed work carried out is of a very high standard is exactly what you and your business need.

Pricing and service

We ensure that the pricing is fair and reasonable and that the customer service and support is aligned with your needs and goals and that the outcome is everything you wanted to achieve.

Calling New Zealand Small Businesses!

We know this pandemic has been hard on our small businesses, so we would like to offer something special just for you.

For a limited time only, we offering a new or revamped website starting from $1,495, built on a lightning-fast platform complete with built-in SEO, analytics and contact management

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Case Studies & News

Moving Auckland business forward

369˚ Collective is a registered supplier on this business support package and can help you get set up with: $3000 funding...

369 Brand - Case Study

369 had an idea, a name and a logo. - But we did not have a brand (yet).

Digital Boost

369˚ Collective has partnered with the Government-backed Digital Boost Skills Training and Support programme.