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Book a Complimentary Grow Your Business Consultation Today

Solution focussed

From our first interaction with you, we  focus all our efforts on helping you find the solution that’s right for you

Helping you grow

It's about getting you results, and finding out what adds value for you and your business.

The whole package

Within our Collective of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs, we have the expertise to help you manage all your business GROWTH, marketing, sales funnel, lead generation  and web development needs


Feeling like you're on a never-ending merry-go-round, unclear about the next steps for your business? It's a common roadblock many entrepreneurs face. But here's the good news – it's a natural part of your business's evolution. At times, all you need is a guiding hand to lift you from this impasse and set you on a clear path.

No matter where you are in your business journey – whether it’s at the launch pad, in the growth phase, or ready to scale – 369 Collective is here to offer tailored consultancy, web, and marketing services. Our goal? To provide you with the direction and momentum needed to achieve your business aspirations.

Let's turn your business dreams into actionable plans and tangible results. . 

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How it works.

When choosing a business solution provider, you have a lot of businesses to choose from and since Covid-19 we have seen an explosion of freelancers and coaches and we know it is difficult to choose the right service provider.  We've partnered with like-minded trusted Entrepreneurs that are some of the best in their fields to bring you only the best solutions. 


1. Evaluation

Through consultation, evaluation and research we will  get to the root of your unique business challenge . We will discuss the next steps which is most often a Marketing Health-Check or Business Marketing Strategy Session with Venessa.

2. Business Strategy

If through Discovery we determine you require a specialist like a Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter or similar,  you are then matched to the most appropriate  369˚ Collective Team Member who is briefed on the discovery consultation discussion by Venessa.

3. Solution

The experienced and skilled 369˚ Collective Team Member (which is often Venessa) will then offer you solutions based on their expertise and your unique challenges.

4. Quality

Venessa will stay involved in your project to ensure the agreed work is carried out at a high standard and that is exactly what you and your business need and were promised.

5. Price & Service

We ensure that the pricing is fair and reasonable and that the customer service and support is aligned with your needs and goals and that the outcome is everything you had hoped to achieve. We have funding & interest free finance available.

Your Personal Business Coach

You’re serious about growing your business, and we are too

We know that building your business from the ground up is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. And having a great team around you is key to success – choosing the right partners to support you in business is no different. 

Offering value from the get-go, the 369° Collective aim is to support and empower you with the tools, knowledge, skills and the confidence to sustainably grow your business.

With 30+ years in sales and marketing and two successful businesses to boot, I head up a handpicked collective of expert service providers to bring you agency quality standards at a reasonable price.

With a business mind and a tech savvy approach, you have access to cutting edge service solutions, coaching and guidance as you navigate your business journey.

Do you want to implement the work yourself but need accountability or direction? No problem. As your business coach and project lead, I can help get you to a point where you’re confident and ready to go forward alone.

Book your Business Confidence & Alignment Consultation HERE

The 369° Collective network

At 369° Collective you only need to tell your story once and we’ll project manage everything for you to ensure a high standard of work is delivered on time, while you get on with what you’re really great at.

Matching you with our trusted brand partners, to Business Development Professionals, Digital Marketers and PR specialists, plus SEO superstars, Copywriters and Graphic Designers – you’ll be well covered for all your business needs.

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