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Starting Up?

If you’ve started your new business or are just about to launch, congratulations!

If you’ve started your new business or are just about to launch, congratulations! Running a business and being self-employed is an amazing journey, but it takes (the right knowledge, determination, consistency) guts. We know this, as we’ve been there.

Being your own boss and making money doing what you love is the ultimate dream for many. That said, getting your big break in business takes a lot more than a great idea. It requires careful planning, building an extensive network, and a healthy financial backup. It’s never easy to navigate your way through it all.  There are many 'miracle' fixes out there that ‘sell’ fantasies that simple don’t exist and this is no different to that handbag, pair of shoes or shiny new vehicle you have had your eye on  through clever advertising and marketing – the bigger the business the bigger their advertising and marketing budget is.

Understanding all the resources that are available to you as a founder is one of the most important activities you can do when you’re in the early stages of business and this is where the RIGHT knowledge becomes the key factor. A missed connection could be the difference between growth and failure. Any small business or start-up can benefit from a community of other motivated entrepreneurs. It will help empower and inspire you to learn how to accelerate the launch or growth of your business.

Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with all the choices on offer?

Figures show that nearly half of all small businesses fail within the first four years of existence. It’s not easy to run and grow a business, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Losing momentum is one of the many reasons once motivated entrepreneurs pull the plug on their endeavour, and we think that’s a real shame. By making the right decisions very early on, you will avoid easy to make expensive mistakes, after all you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s okay because the 369° Collective’s role is to empower you with the right knowledge for your unique business.

If you feel like your business is stagnating and it’s time to turn things around, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you evaluate things and find out what’s holding you back, then come up with a plan and solutions that will get you back on the right track.

Whether your business needs an overhaul, your brand and messaging needs updating, or if your culture needs a reboot, 369° Collective is here to help. We can’t wait to share our knowledge and strategies with you, and help you kick your growth engine back into gear.

Let us review your business

Let us review your business offerings, processes, marketing, and the systems you have in place, then help you figure out what you need to grow your business without wasting money on services you don’t need.

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