Digital Boost

Posted 2 Nov '21

Digital Boost

369˚ Collective has partnered with the Government-backed Digital Boost Skills Training and Support programme.

Digital Boost Skills Training and Support programme, designed to provide small businesses with training in the benefits of becoming a digital business.
It has been designed by small business – for small business.

And it’s free!

Digital Boost is your doorway into the new age of business: one driven by digital technology. Our 3-5 minute video tutorials give you the full rundown on how to operate a business in today’s world. Right here, fast and for free.

Free Digital Boost webinar

Join Digital Boost Q&A sessions on Zoom.
This Zoom discussion is free to join, whether you're a Digital Boost member or not.

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Government-backed - the Digital Boost Skills Training programme is free for all Kiwi small businesses.

Hundreds of short educational videos with instantly actionable insights

Printable learning summaries outlining your next steps.

Live Q&A and Fireside Chat sessions with industry experts & business owners.

Understanding the basics of Google's algorithm with Venessa Minkley, 369˚ Collective - Digital Boost LIVE Q&A

Watch this episode of Digital Boost where Venessa talks about understanding Google's algoritm.

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Visit Digital Boost Visit Digital Boost

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